What You Need To Know Before Buying A Table Saw

A table saw is one of the most important tools that a wood worker or carpenter should have. It is therefore important to be able to choose the best value table saw for your budget. In order to do so, you should know what the types of table saws are available in the market and their specifications. The four main kinds of table saws are benchtop, contractor, cabinet saws and hybrid. Each type of table saw is intended for different types of wood working, the accuracy of the wood cuts and the working environment. Read on to find more about the four main types of table saws.


A benchtop table saw is a table saw with no legs and are meant to be placed on top of a work bench to be used. This type of table saw is semi-portable so you can put it in the back of a pick up truck and bring it to a job site. Benchtop saws, however, are not the type of saws to use to create high quality and complex furniture because they are not very accurate.


Contractor table saw are somehow similar to benchtop saws but these have legs. They are also semi-portable but these are also intended to be left on the job site. If you work as a finishing carpenter, this type of table saw is recommended for you. Contractor saws usually cost more than benchtop table saws and also a little more accurate than benchtops. However, these are not accurate enough is you will be creating fine furniture. 


If you are looking to create high quality or fine furniture, then a cabinet table saw is what you need. Cabinet table saws are very pricey, about a few thousand dollars that you need to invest. Also take note that this type of table saw is not portable at all. This type of table saw is meant to be set up and left unmoved. Machine tools will normally lose accuracy whenever it is moved. Accuracy is very important when creating fine pieces of wood work. If you want to learn more about table saws, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_saw#History .


If you are looking for a cross between a contractor saw and a cabinet saw, then you should look into the Top scroll saws . Do take note that not all hybrid table saws are the same. You should not also expect a hybrid table saw to have the same accuracy as a cabinet table saw.